4 Tips to Networking: Build your business with relationships

You’ve been to those meetings where you pass out your business cards, eat some terrible food and then have 30 seconds to give your pitch. We’re usually so worried about getting our own pitch right that we don’t even hear others. Yeah…that means everyone else is thinking about their pitch and not hearing you either.  I went to one of these, what I now call, “old fashioned” networking groups recently. After, I just really wanted my time back.

You want networking to be effective, efficient and result in building your business.

Here are three tips to do that today:

  1. Ask questions. Stop worrying so much about your pitch and find where you have a common interest. Ask another person about what they do, what their challenges are, where do they live, worship, have kids in school, workout, grocery shop, etc. It could be as simple as you are in the same location. How is the parking, food, traffic?
  2. Find out about their business. Keep the focus on them. What brought them to this area? How did they get started? Did they attend a particular training or school? What do they love about their work? What are their challenges? Again, put your pitch on hold. If you listen first, you will not have to worry so much about what you say. It will be natural to start to talk about what you do.
  3. Listen for their needs, wants, challenges and desires. Can you help with any of those? Maybe your business can fix a problem they are having. Or, maybe they just need you to recommend a good pediatric dentist or gym. Look for ways you can connect with one another or that you can be a connector for them to another.
  4.  End your networking conversation with how you can work together or develop your relationship further. Again, this could mean that you are connecting them to another person or business. That is exactly what networking is about. Develop yourself as a trusted resource and people will refer others to you for help.

Personally, I attend Master Networks. It’s more than just a meeting. The group focuses on building relationships and trust so that it’s a no-brainer to refer to one another. And, each week there is business training with a success coach. This includes learning about managing your data and back office, hiring, coaching, building a team, follow-up, mindset, and more.

Want to join me? If you are outside of my area, I can hook you up with someone to greet you and introduce you at a Master Networks meeting in your area. Don’t waste any more time. Get out there and start building relationships and building your business today.