A Few of My Favorite Things

I meant to post this blog for you, dear readers, in December. But, three times losing my shitthis week already I had to send out my “life savers” to friends in pre-holiday season crisis. You are pretty close to losing your s&@#! I realized you need a few of my favorite things sooner than later.

Before I go over my go-to stress busters, let’s talk turkey. What is up with all this cooking stress? Any other day of the year, turkey is something you pick up at the deli. You don’t stand there, waiting for your number to be called, thinking, “I LOVE turkey. Can’t wait to go home and eat a turkey sandwich.” Your kids are not saying, “Hey, can I have some of the turkey so I’ll be quiet in the grocery cart.” No. No one loves turkey. Pie, yes. We love pie, especially when topped with whipped cream from a can or cool whip.

And, what’s all this BS about the effort around a turkey. First off, they are free at most stores because you bought so much the month before. Second, it only takes about 10 minutes to prep the thing. No, you can’t count the time you took it out of the freezer and let it thaw. You know why? Because all you did was move it. The air did the thawing work. Finally, you put it in the oven. The oven gets the credit for doing all those hours of work.

You know why we really don’t love turkey? Because no one likes the taste of all that martyrdom so many cooks roast into their birds.

So, this year, just admit that turkey is never awesome unless covered with delicious condiments and that you didn’t really spend hours on it. Give up the story of how hard everything is and just enjoy and love your people.

juliafriendshipThis is our holiday problem. We put so much energy into the stuff that does not really matter that we miss out on all the good. Stop worrying about who is coming, what day and time they are coming and who is sitting where. Stop spending so much money on food, gifts, decorations, and travel. Connect with your people via technology–yes, it counts. Stop worrying about getting to every event at the cost of being cranky with the ones you love. Give up creating the perfect card of your family. Give up all the doing.

Give and receive love freely. That’s it. Free.

Easier said than done, right? You can create a healthy and happy holiday. Think  about what you want to be saying at the end of the holidays. What would it take to trade “I’m exhausted, bloated, crabby and hate turkey” for “What a wonderful time with friends and family and pie. That was really special.”

Here are links to my favorite things that have literally saved my life in the last 6 years (Yes, that is quite a coincidence that Soph is 6).

Bryan Kest Power Yoga


I’ve been “doing” Bryan since he had VHS tapes. Now he has yoga on demand. You can do it on any device, any time, and you get 7 days free right now. No excuses. No “I’m not flexible!” or “Yoga is not hard enough of a workout.” 7.days.free. Do it. And, let me know what you think.

Whole foods-based supplements


Even though I eat well,  I tend to get really run down and depleted. Food-based supplements help me get the extra I need to sleep well and have energy. Food-based means they are made from actual food, not synthetic vitamins in a lab. Your body knows how to absorb and work with food, not synthentics. I like doTerra. I signed up and get a discount, which makes the vitamins very reasonable. I have also used and recommend Standard Process and New Chapter.

St. Ignatius’ Examination


stIgnatiusSt. Ignatius encouraged us to examine our conscience. This is very similar to a yoga thing called “integration.” I’m not exactly sure why, but a lot of people report feeling more peaceful, more connected, and more prayerful. I do it every morning. Sometimes it is just a minute or two. Sometimes longer.

Need more help? Join Mia Bostic and I at Sangha Yoga on 12/4 @ 6 p.m. We are giving a workshop called “Just Relax” on how to incorporate all of the above and yoga and meditation into helping you create a happy, healthy, meltdown-free holiday season.

Click here to register for Just Relax.

Have a HAPPY Thanksgiving. Give and receive love freely and be truly happy next week.

Much Love,


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  1. As usual, your comments are right on target. Lots of ways to make our “burden” lighter on holidays if we are willing to relinquish the martyr role and assign jobs to the rest of the clan! Paves the way for new traditions when the current matriarch is gone.

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!!

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