Eating with Ang

I write. I eat.

Eating with Ang

I drink some coffee and think about ways I can help you enjoy eating and marketing your business. Sound like a strange combination? Someone thought to put pumpkin in beer and pumpkin in coffee. Strange things can work well together. Here at Eating with Ang, eating delicious food while growing your business is just as good as pumpkin goat cheese ravioli topped with sage butter.

Eating with Angangberries

We’re serving up practical solutions to food and marketing issues, reviews of trends, essential oils, good stuff from my garden, a heaping a self-deprication and a few tablespoons of sarcasm sprinkled on top.

2 thoughts on “Eating with Ang”

  1. Hello,
    Just watched your segment on Good Day PA (2-23-17) and loved your recipe. But would you also tell us where you got the apron with the butterflies on it?? Thanks!

    1. Hi JBB!
      Thanks for watching! And, thanks for noticing my apron. My mom makes them. She has a business called Remembrances by Rose. She has some in stock and does custom orders. You can email her at or call 717-732-0792. Please let her know you saw me wearing it on Good Day PA.

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