Cleanse & Restore

It’s cleanse time right? waterwithlemon

I don’t know about you, but in the last two months, I have consumed a lot of stuff that does not usually go down my chute. Let’s start with the night of my dad’s viewing when I shared beer and mints with my siblings for dinner, followed up by tomato pie around 9 pm — in the car — on the drive  home — after hours and hours of greeting lovely people. Yeah, not my usual healthy way.

Then, it was Thanksgiving with my sister’s turkey. I swear she brines it in butter. Then, it’s the holidays. I tell myself pizzelles are a healthy cookie because they are so thin and pretty and it’s my grandparent’s recipe. But, that recipe contains a dozen eggs, several cups of sugar and oil. Christmas eve is filled with exotic seafood dishes we only eat once a year, so my system really gets mad at me Christmas day. But, I ate my Aunt Julie’s lasagna anyway.

Coffee. If you have read my blog, you know I like to encourage people to drink a glass of water for every non-water drink. I really do that. But, I still had way too much coffee. I’m blaming grief. Sorry if this sounds too matter of fact, but how long do I get to milk that excuse for my bad habit? I think my dad would say, “a long time.”

My body is saying it’s time to put in more good and get rid of the not-so-good and unusual.

real-foodHere are some tips I’m going to follow:

  • Drink water. Drink a glass of water for every non-water drink. Non-water drinks include: juice, coffee, tea, gatorade, energy drinks, anything with sugar or artificial sweetener.
  • Stick to food that exists in nature. Eat real food.
  • Cut dairy, sugar, & any ingredient you cannot pronounce.
  • Add to water: fresh lemon, lemon essential oil, parsley, cucumber, orange, berries & mint
  • Try food-based supplements with: burdock, dandelion, & milk thistle (silymarin) to cleanse the liver, juniper berries for the kidneys, & psyillium, acacia gum & marshmallow to help you eliminate with ease. Try DoTerra’s Zendocrine.
  • Restore with food-based supplements: Look for real food ingredients. Think of your supplements as a little tiny salad with real oils. Skip the BOGO at your drug store. You will spend more on a food-based supplement. The cheap ones are full of lab-made, artificial ingredients that your body cannot absorb. So, you are wasting your cash. The ingredients are going to make EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body. Buy your body the best.
  • Restore your gut flora with probiotics.
  • Cleanse your skin with a good scrub, massage, movement, & sweat. Skin is our largest organ of detoxification.
  • Get some sunshine & movement everyday. Get Vitamin D directly through your pupils and skin. Movement increases circulation of toxins through your system. Don’t fear the cold! Bundle up you and your kids and get some sunshine.
  • A cleanse is NOT the time for rigorous exercise.
  • Eat enough! A cleanse is not a calorie cutter. It is a time to replace toxic, allergen, & bothersome input with restorative foods. What are those? Only you know what foods bother you. Listen to yourself, not trends. Stick with real food, as it exists in nature. i.e. Eat an apple.

If you need support or suggestions around any of this, I am here to help!

Come to a Tuesday meeting. My house. 6-7 pm. Grown-ups only–it’s supposed to be a stress-break for you.