Food & Faith: THE Best Sandwich I’ve ever had

I know. I know. I spent six days working in Philly for a TV station…living Pope Francis’ visit, waited a month to write about it and I’m going to tell you about a sandwich?image

Yes. Look at this thing.

Pulled pork, sharp provolone, and greens on a Philly roll.

imageDiNic’s stand in the Reading Terminal Market was selling these foot longs as the Papal Special in honor of Pope Francis’ visit.

It was the best GD sandwich I’ve ever had. (GD=my way of not taking the Lord’s name in vain in a blog about the Pope.) Smoky, meaty, gooey cheese on a Philly roll. The greens made me feel like it had a dash of healthy. Perfection. I could only eat half. A co-worker missed lunch and enjoyed the other half. That night, when we were still hard at work outside, getting cold, tired, and hungry, we considered eating that co-worker to have the other half of the sandwich.

Why all this on a sandwich? Because it’s a great metaphor for my time with the Pope. Both nourished my body, mind, and soul. That sandwich met every need in that hungry, hardworking moment. It was warm, delicious, and satisfying.

So was Pope Francis.

Did I just imply the Pope was delicious?

In some ways he was. To me, delicious food has the following qualities: it tastes good, it satisfies hunger, maybe it’s a little different than my day-to-day fare, it meets a need in me, and I think about it, talk about it, share it, and recommend it to others.

So, yeah, my time with Pope Francis was just like my DiNic’s sandwich.

Pope Francis delivered a message that truly satisfied me. He was hopeful about our future as Americans, as citizens of the world, as families, and as Catholics. He was surprising and certainly different than what I expected from day-to-day Catholicism.  image

Seeing Pope Francis drive right in front of me, waving (Did his eyes twinkle at me? Maybe.), was like a special gift. I can’t explain it, but something magic happens when that man is near you.

So, yeah, time with Pope Francis is just like a satisfying sandwich from DiNic’s. I’m not saying you’ll have a religious experience if you go get one at the market, but spend some time reading the works of Pope Francis, invite his message into your life and you, too, will not be hungry.

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  1. Is it totally weird that I hear and picture you when I read the things you write? You are the only person I know who can turn a culinary delight into a truly meaningful piece on a wonderful man! Love you!

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