Holiday Immune System Meltdown

snoreMy husband spent two days post-Thanksgiving on the couch groaning and snoring. He was covered head-to-toe in flannel pjs and a hoodie with the hood covering his entire head.

Soph and I steered clear…not wanting to poke the bear. We took steps to protect ourselves from whatever brought down our giant. We managed to escape pretty healthy and thought we should share our holiday immune boosters to save you or help you through a holiday immune system meltdown.

We don’t like depriving ourselves, so we like to think of what we can add more of. Typically, when we add something, like water, we don’t even notice that we are drinking less of other things. Adding = good.

waterwithlemonWater. More water. For every non-water drink you consume, drink a glass of water. For me, that means coffee-water-coffee-water. That’s my morning. For you, that could mean wine-water-wine-water. You get the idea.

Do I need to tell you that water is THE most effective way to keep your body hydrated? It’s also the easiest way to flush out all the toxins we put in with all that coffee and wine.

GIVE YOUR KIDS WATER! Juice, milk, lemonade, juice-like-drinks, and soda are all non-water drinks. If you give your kids one of those drinks, follow-up with an equal amount of water.

Herbs, oils, teas, fruits, & veggies: Back in the 90’s the advice on “how to not overeat at parties” was to snack on carrots and celery at the parties. I say that’s crap. Eat party food at parties. Eat greens the rest of the day. If you eat whole foods most of the time, your body can handle canapes, doritos, and egg nog.

Stock up on the good stuff all day. Use a powdered greens supplement, if it helps.

Try lemons or lemon oil in your water. It a detox in a glass.

chaiDrink caffiene-free teas like lemonbalm, chamomile, and peppermint. Or try a real chai tea bag. Not the sugared-up, milked-up kind that comes in a box and is more like dessert than tea. These are great for digestion.

Try lavender under your pillow mixed with hops. Or use some lavender essential oil on the bottom of your feet before bed or on your wrists during the day.

breatheongguardUse eucalyptus oil. Put some on the bottom of your feet or on your chest. Make a warm compress: We put eucalyptus massage oil on a damp wash cloth with some DoTerra’s Breathe and On Guard. We heated it up in the microwave for a minute and then put it on Dan’s face. He said it felt good and we thought it stopped the snoring.


I am not going to advise skipping cookies or other delicious holiday favorites. That just creates deprivation and resentment which ultimately lead to stress and weight gain. Instead, make choices about sugar. I’m going to eat some of my Aunt Julie’s amazing pudding-whipped-cream fantasy desserts. I enjoy and savor every bite. But, then I skip sugar at another time of the day like in my coffee or I skip the cocktails.

stopmevolunteerSay no. It’s so hard this time of year! Say no to some events, people, shopping, food, drinks, and socializing. Say yes to a quick nap, showing up a little late to social events or leaving early, and making choices that are best for your body. Taking care of yourself can mean a more relaxed, more energetic, and better-version-of-yourself. Your family, friends, and co-workers will appreciate you showing up your best. Ok, so we have all those people, places, and things that do not appreciate it if we do not show at the demanded time and place or completely accomodate their needs. Pick and choose. A sick, tired, and resentful you is no good for anyone. So, give the people you love your best.

Have a healthy holiday!
If you need more info on how to use the herbs or good sources to find the herbs and teas listed above, let me know. Come by Tuesdays, 6-7 pm for more ideas and to give some of these a try at our Stress-break Tuesday Open Houses.