Mom’s Marinara: National Spaghetti Day


Looked at the school lunch calendar and surprise-to-me: It’s National Spaghetti Day!

How do you like your spaghetti? We grew up in a house filled with Italian home cooking. Yet, my little brother claimed his favorite spaghetti and sauce was made at our friend’s church at their annual spaghetti dinner.

Soph and I rolling out fetuccine

As a grown up, we like making our own pastas from scratch. I love homemade pesto. I have to make extra pesto because I eat spoonfuls of it before it ever gets to the noodles. I love big, giant rigatoni in a hearty meat sauce. Soph is currently on a “as little sauce as possible with tons of sprinkly cheese, please” phase.

My very favorite of all is my mom’s marinara. I don’t even try to make it myself. It’s a hearty sauce so it goes well with ridged shells, rigatoni and rotini. Or, on regular, plain, old spaghetti. Be sure to add the butter! It’s the key to why her sauce is better than ours.

Here’s her super simple recipe:

1 cup olive oil-put in saucepan on medium heat
Couple cloves crushed garlic-let cook in the oil til smells like garlic Add one big can tomato sauce and one big can crushed tomatoes
3-4 Tbsp butter
Let all that simmer about 20 minutes. Mom adds Parmesan right into the saucepan.

Put over your favorite pasta.

2 thoughts on “Mom’s Marinara: National Spaghetti Day”

  1. Hi Ang!
    Question on the amount of olive oil in the marinara sauce…1 cup? I make a similar sauce using rosemary but not that much olive oil and I also use a ridged pasta(rotini) to hold the sauce to the pasta better. Enjoyed first time seeing you on Good Day PA recently making the caesar salad. I plan to check on your site for future recipes. Another ?-what do you do with the avocado in the carrot-avocado salad? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Clydene,
      I know the 1 cup sounds crazy. It’s why I let my mom make the sauce-I feel better just eating and not being responsible for how much goes in. It is delicious! But, also know that with this sauce, you don’t need a whole lot per portion.

      The avocado–I didn’t do anything to the avocado. Just cut it up and threw it in. If the avocado is going to sit for a bit before you mix into the salad with the lemon and orange juice, toss with some lemon juice to keep it from turning brown.
      Thank you for watching!

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