Supernola: Soph taste-tests with Supernola’s founder

Soph and I had the chance to taste-test Supernola with the company’s founder Cindy Poiesz. So many things to love: First off, in this video, Cindy talks about her motivation to create a super-food packed healthy snack to help her own digestive issues. Supernola truly is stuffed full of healthy, well-sourced ingredients. It’s grain-free with no processed or artificial garbage.

We also love that Cindy grew up not far from where I grew up. Local girl is making good! She is helping others by providing a delicious, healthy, snack alternative that is a perfect fit for anyone following a Paleo program. Supernola is Paleo Certified.

In this video, she shares some ways to enjoy the current four Supernola flavors. Right out the bag is perfectly acceptable.

It’s more than all that good, healthy stuff. Supernola tastes really good. Cindy calls her Berries & Cream “the gateway healthy snack.” Watch the video to see Soph’s face. We gobbled it up. Even Dan took a bag in his lunch box.

And, one more thing. Cindy is a lovely, hard-working, entrepreneur sharing the very food that healed her.  That’s doing good work in the world. Follow Supernola at #eatsupernola and order yourself the sampler today at