Top 3 Video Strategies to Boost Sales

THE number 1 question I get about making your own videos for business is:

What do I say in my video?

People buy from you because they know you, trust you and like you. Video provides a vehicle for potential customers to get to know you and to build trust. They can see your face, hear your voice, and see your mannerisms. Customers can really get a feel for you and if you are a good fit for them. Can’t do this with a pretty business card. Another benefit of media–you can reach a lot of people at one time, with one message.

You want your videos to showcase you and your personality while providing value and information that your customers can use.  Here are three ways to do that:

  1. Answer Questions

    Make a list of the top questions you are asked about your product or service. Not sure or just starting out? Survey friends and family. Their questions will become the topics for your videos.

    For example, a colleague is a director with Thirty-One Gifts. She creates videos mostly for her team and posts to her private Facebook group. The videos focus on questions the team has about products, new arrivals, and compensation questions.

    Another colleague is a director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. In her videos, she goes in two directions. One, she shares her love of Mary Kay products and the company.  Two, she talks about the business opportunity: answering questions and providing incentives to join her team.

  2. Introduce Yourself & Share Your Passion

    Be yourself. It is helpful to plan what you are going to say before creating a Facebook live or social media video. But, you don’t need to strictly follow a script provided by your company, especially if it does not sound authentic to you. You can say the “perfect” words but if they are not comfortable coming out of your mouth, your customers will notice and you can sound salesy.

    A colleague who sells Lularoe clothing has recently starting Facebook live sales. What you need to know is that being on camera is way, way out of her usual comfort zone. She is great one-on-one helping customers with the clothes, but talking into that phone–whew! The more she practices, the more of a pro she is! She focuses on being herself and interacting with her customers and her products.

  3. Be the expert

    I’ve been producing media since I was a junior in college-that was over 20 years ago. It’s something I’m very comfortable doing from behind the scenes. Going on camera? Not so comfy for me! I got over not “looking” perfect (seriously, I could use a hair person) or setting up the “perfect” set (is that a picture of the Pope behind me while I’m talking about wild orange oil?). Instead I focus on what I know how to do best. I am an expert at creating media, training people how and why to use video, generating content, teaching others how simple it is to use their phones, and helping others get past their fears of being on camera.

    You are the expert in your field. Share your knowledge and expertise.

    It’s Your Gift

    Sharing our gifts, talents, and knowledge is part of our calling and service to others. Video provides you a megaphone to share your work, your products, the stuff you are passionate about, and how you are out their helping others everyday.

    Start with your list of questions. Right out some answer. Practice with your phone-record yourself a few times, if it makes you feel more comfortable. Then, post that video. Share your knowledge and add value to someone’s life today.

    Questions? Comments? Need some help? Email me. I would love the opportunity to help you get started sharing your knowledge with video.