Top 5: Customer Service With Lisette Ritchey

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Lisette Ritchey
Lisette Ritchey of LuLaRoe & Thirty-One Gifts

Good customer service is about way more than following a sales script or power point on your company’s products. Lisette Ritchey quickly found success in direct sales by building real relationships with her customers. She invested $5K in Lularoe and made that back in sales in her first 30 days. Ritchey is on her way to trainer, while also selling Thirty-One Gifts, and working as a nurse.  Here’s her Top 5 tips for customer service.

1. The Golden Rule:

“Treat others the way that you want to be treated. I truly feel like any situation I come up against in customer service, I think, ‘How would I want to be treated if I were on the other end of this?’” Ritchey says this has guided her through returns and exchanges, damaged goods, team building and is the key to her quick success. She explains, “What they are going to remember is your customer service and how you made them feel; not that their leggings got a hole in them.”

2. Returns & Exchanges are all about the customer:

Ritchey doesn’t have a set policy for returns and exchanges. Instead, she works with each customer and their individual issue. She says it’s all about finding solutions, not blame. She considers the customer’s issues-maybe the product was a gift, or they reconsidered when the piece arrived by mail or it was damaged. She says she never questions damaged goods. She quickly exchanges. “I don’t want you to have Lularoe you are not happy with. I want you to be happy with the brand. I want you to wear the brand. I want women to feel happy and comfortable in their clothing.”

3. No pressure to buy.

Ritchey says making a good impression is more important than racking up sales. “I don’t care if I bring all my product to your house, and no one buys anything. If they determine they like the brand, they will be back.” Ritchey says she regularly has people who come to their first Lularoe pop-up and leave empty handed because they didn’t find a pattern they love. She finds they will contact her when they are ready to shop because of their first experience. “If Lularoe and I make a good impression, are inviting, and allow people the freedom to look and try on, they will buy when they are ready. I end up with more business in the long run.”

4. Personal interactions are key.

Ritchey says personal interaction means connecting with people in person and building online relationships. With Lularoe, she knows women are more likely to buy when they feel the clothes. “It’s why Lularoe started as in-home parties! So people could touch, feel and try it on.” She drops off leggings for people to try because she knows people will buy after experiencing the product. People also value that she makes time to deliver to their homes or workplaces. “Busy women don’t have a lot of time, so why not bring the product to them?”

Ritchie values her personal interactions with customers—even during her regular Facebook live sales. She regularly checks in on what’s happening in the lives of her online regulars during those sales. “The more personal interactions I have with my customers the better. And the more personally engaged I am with my teammates the better work we do. The better for all of us. I care about them as a person and not just their part of the business.”

5. Be generous.

Ritchey operates with an attitude of abundance, especially as Lularoe is exploding in her area. Customers have multiple consultants to choose from but she trusts they will choose the right person and products for them. Ritchey regularly and freely gives products away. “In the long run, I’ve blessed someone with something they didn’t have to pay for. I love being able to give to people!” After months of shipping Lularoe from her local Post Office, she gifted leggings to the woman who worked the desk. “She takes care of all my packages! She loved the leggings and now I have a new customer.”

BONUS: Bless someone’s day:

“I give good customer service because I want to give good customer service. I don’t go into it expecting something in return. I want to brighten somebody’s day.”