Top 5: Social Media Tips from BeYou Marketing

Eating with Ang’s Top 5 is part of a series to simplify the more complex things in our lives. Ang sits down with experts in finance, social media, customer service, leadership, organization, food and more to give you 5 tips you can start using today!

Brittany Gray
Brittany Gray from BeYou Marketing

Posting on social media can feel like throwing spaghetti at a wall. Changing algorithms, new policies, ads, boosts, likes, regrams, retweets can get overwheming. You post sometimes or whenever or even daily, but what is your message? Is it reaching your target audience?

You need a strategy.
In today’s Top 5, Social Media Strategist Brittany Gray from BeYou Marketing shares what you need to know before you post.

1: Use the right platform and use it well.

Gray advises clients to focus on the platform that is the best fit for their business. Each social media platform is intentionally different to communicate with different audiences via different methods. She says, “There is so much obsession about being everywhere and on every kind of social media, but that is not the most important piece.”

How do you decide which to use: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Google+, or NextBigThing? Gray says that while Facebook is currently king, “Your choice has to make sense for your product and target market.” If you have a visual product, use Instagram. If it suits your business to be in constant contact with your customers, use Twitter. She says whichever platform you choose, learn how to use it to best suit your business.

2: Go directly to your target audience.

Consider your target audience when choosing which social media to use. Gray says, “Not everyone needs to run an ad during the super bowl.” She advises you to get specific about identifying your target audience. It is NOT everyone. Then, go to the social media platform where your target audience is most active. She gives an example, “If your target is women between 40-70. Those women are not on Twitter. They are on Facebook.”

How do you find your target audience? See Gray’s blog here: Your Target Audience, Who They Are and How to Reach Them

3: Post to each social media site separately.

“Don’t post to Instagram and share to Facebook.” Gray says to upload content directly to each individual platform. “If you’re sharing content onto Facebook, upload directly to Facebook. If you want to appear in people’s feeds, post video, photo, status, right there.” The algorithms favor content posted directly instead of content shared from another platform. She also suggests you skip programs that auto post for you, like Hootsuite.

4: Content is king.

Gray says, “Speak to your audience in their language. Be authentically engaged. Share content that informs, educates, and relates to your audience.” Social media is meant to be social. Gray advises, “Don’t leave dangling conversations. Whenever people try to connect with you, connect back.” If you get a comment, message or review, respond to it. If you receive a poor review, be sure to acknowledge it. If you have posted a question, be sure to respond to any answers you receive. Gray says, “Always be asking questions and getting to know your audience.”

5: Stay on brand.

Gray says, “Keep your content and posts relevant to your business. Your business page is not for your personal posts.” Be sure your images, content, shares, and vocabulary are on brand. See my Eating with Ang blog on 5 Ways Social Media is Sabotaging Your Sales.

Bonus! Stay positive! Brittany Gray has her own campaign in 2017 to encourage us all to be positive and responsible social media users.  She says,  “You have power. Use it for good.” Follow BeYou Marketing on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration and more tips on social media strategy.